Do you want to be an exhibitor at NOVEL FARM 2021?

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  • Meet companies and association specialized in the sector of vertical farming and soilless
  • Networking opportunity
  • Professional updating
  • Be a protagonist in the unique international event in Italy dedicated to vertical farming and soilless
  • Participate in the international conferences and exhibition with the most important specialists of the sector
  • Be a protagonist in a fast-growing event
  • Artificial and natural lighting systems
  • Systems for fertigation
  • Environmental control technologies
  • Complete systems and components for aeroponics, hydroponics, aquaponics
  • Manufacturers of greenhouses and their components
  • Producers and distributors of seeds
  • Collection systems
  • Packaging systems
  • Substrate suppliers for hydroponic crops
  • New crops
  • Seeds and rooted cuttings
  • Technologies and products for the collection, processing and packaging of food macroalgae
  • Technologies and products for the cultivation of microalgae
  • Systems for composting and anaerobic digestion of waste
  • Systems for the production of energy in a cogeneration system
  • Photovoltaic and microeolic energy production systems
  • Water control and management
  • Fertilizers, stimulants and plant growth regulators
  • Crop management systems
  • Crop control software
  • Sustainable crop protection techniques
  • Cultivation in Vertical Farming
  • Integrated agriculture
  • Cultivation technologies, climate control
  • Certifications
  • Software
  • Consulting
  • Specialized Press
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