Aquaponics, the best practice in circular and integrated production of food unravels at NovelFarm

When aquaculture and agriculture meet, they create a new self-sufficient ecosystem that allows, through technology, to produce food in a sustainable way. Discover more at Pordenone Fiere on February, 13th and 14th.


21 January 2019. Aquaponics is the leit motiv that brings together the two events taking place at Pordenone Fiere on 13th and 14th February 2019 called AquaFarm, dedicated to aquaculture and sustainable fishing and NovelFarm, dedicated to new production methods, soilless and agitech.

The theme is transversal and answers to the pressure of finding new ways to sustainably creating food for an ever-growing population and much more urbanized.

Aquaponics is an integrated production method that, based on circular economy principles and industrial symbiosis methods, grants the reduction of environmental impact of the agri-food industry and high outputs. The core of this practice is that plants are cultivated without soil and with minimum water usage due to the utilization of water coming from fish farms, rich of organic waste and highly nourishing for plants: this results into a 90% more efficient use of resources than traditional agriculture.

The cycle generates more benefits when using algae and insects created within the system to feed the fishes for human consumption. Algae breed into water creating the correct nourishment and insects are feeded with vegetables production waste.

Another important aspect of aquaponics is that energy production necessary to feed the system can be generated within itself by burning biogas obtained from production waste. This is what a circular, self-sufficient, efficient and sustainable system means.

NovelFarm has created an entire agenda of conferences, organized with the collaboration of University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, which will discuss on the projects developed with the financial support of the European community, alongside with academic partnership and production companies within various European coutnries.

One of these projects is Blugrass, an Italian and Slovenian project that has developed two pioneer plants opened during 2018 in two companies KZ-Agraria (Koper-Purissima) and Agroittica Friulana (Palse di Porcia, Pordenone) with the aim of raise awareness among stakeholders and underlining the benefits for both farmers and growers.

Another focus will be given by the University of Pisa to explain the pros and the functions of a multitrophic integrated system for sustainable production of food through re-usage of waste water: this is SIMTAP, a program chosen amongst EU-PRIMA Innovation.

During the session we will discover also the commercial aspects and the settling processes on a large scale.

The appointment is on february 13th, from 15:30 at NovelFarm (hall 4 , Pordenone Fiere)

Entrance is free, upon registration: download now your entrance ticket on

The press conference of the exhibition will take place on Februray, 1st 2019 from 11:30 at the Friuli Venezia Giulia palace in Rome, Piazza Colonna.