Lòpez Alberto

Thursday 20th February | 9.30 – 11.00
Sala NovelFarm

Systems Engineer, Agritecture

Currently working as Controlled Environment Agriculture consultant for Agritecture Consulting. Main focus on optimization of operation and energy performance of greenhouses and CEA facilities. Working experience as Operations/Engineering Manager in the Plant Factory of GROWx – Amsterdam (the Netherlands). MSc. in Biosystems Engineering of Wageningen University, the Netherlands, with a specialization in Farm Technology. Thesis research on greenhouse humidity control under tropical conditions. Professional experience (Germany) on the EDEN team of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on the subject of Vertical Farming, under an internship signed by Wageningen University and DLR. Consultancy experience (the Netherlands) in the development of a methodology to select plants for growth in greenhouses on-board the International Space Station as well as at the Neumayer III research station in Antarctica.
Three years working experience as a researcher and instructor for the Agricultural Engineering School of the University of Costa Rica. Main focus on studying the internal climate and structural behavior of greenhouses, greenhouse and equipment design.


Greenhouses’ innovations: energy, materials, robots and sensors

Speech: Leading CEA into the next decade and beyond: Key takeaways from Global CEA Census Report and strategies to propel CEA’s continued growth

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