Marki Hans Henriksen

Thursday 20th February | 9.30 – 11.00
Sala AquaFarm

CEO & Co-Founder, AlgaePro and Partner, Greentech Innovators

Hans Henriksen Marki is the CEO & Co-Founder of AlgaePro and a partner of Greentech Innovators. Marki is an educated biologist specialized in Environmental Toxicology and Aquaculture. He has also worked within the Norwegian Maritime Industry and is a recognized greentech entrepreneur. Notably Marki was a grand finalist in Climate Launchpad in 2017, grand finalist in DNB NXT in 2018 and was named top 10 Cleantech Ideas in EUs Climate-KIC Nordic 2019.


Microalgae in the circular economy, production, technologies and innovations

Speech: Algal biomass from urban, agricultural waste and CO2 captured from industrial processes for use in the production of aquaculture feed

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