Volk David

Thursday 20th February | 9.30 – 11.00
Sala NovelFarm

Leader of greenhouse development, ebf GmbH (Germany)

David Volk is a physicist working as leader of greenhouse development at ebf. In that position he is in charge of the general development of the plus energy Sunlight Greenhouse and the management of the projects adjoined.
In the past few years his work was focused on the rooftop greenhouse within the framework of the GROOF project and the realization of the food and energy campus at the ebf plant nursery. This visionary project is starting right now and will include an economically and environmentally sustainable horticulture business with a large social impact. It is planned to include a kindergarten, the implementation into the curriculum of the surrounding schools in the area and a community center as a meeting place for young families, all centering around the important aspect of creating a place for people to learn about food production and giving them back the possibility to be responsible for their own food security.


Greenhouses’ innovations: energy, materials, robots and sensors

Speech: Greenhouses on Rooftops to reduce CO2 

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