Voogt Wim

Wednesday, 19th February | 9.30 – 11.00
Sala NovelFarm

Professor, Wageningen University

Wim Voogt is senior researcher at Wageningen University and Research, department of Greenhouse Horticulture, with over 40 years of experience. His focus is on plant nutrition, soil science and irrigation, though his field of expertise covers a wide field of issues related to intensive vegetable and flower production (including crop management, climate control, plant protection). He has lead- or has been involved in numerous projects on salinity, plant nutrition, fertilisation, irrigation, water quality and water management of greenhouse crops, in soil-less as well as in soil-grown crops, and in conventional as well as in organic farming systems. Published numerous research reports and articles for growers magazines, on topics of plant nutrition and water and over 30 scientific papers in journals and is co-author of the book ‘Plant Nutrition in Greenhouse Crops’. He chairs the technical commission of the RHP, the Dutch certification body for potting soils and growth media. In recent years he participated in international cooperative projects on the improvement greenhouse vegetable production in China, the Emirates, Palestine and Saudi Arabia; both in soil- and soil-less cropping systems, by education, demonstration, and training on the job. His expertise covers a broad variety of crops.


Climate change and agrifood change, agritech market and new challenges

Speech: Dealing with salt accumulation in soilless grown greenhouse crops

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