The plant design at Aquafarm with Technocage

TECHNOCAGE srl is a Company planning development and production of technological solutions for environment-friendly aquaculture. Strong in many years of experiences in the aquaculture sector, the Company provides technical support in the design planning and supply of floating and submersible fish farming cages or long-lines system for shellfish farming. Thanks to a wide range of products through “Technocage” registered trademarks, TECHNOCAGE  srl can support:

  • Designing and Planning of “land-based”, inshore and offshore fish and shellfish farming
  • Mooring installation and diving inspections
  • Production start up and management of aquaculture farms
  • Professional training and technical services
  • Floating and submersible cages
  • Long-lines systems for shellfish farming
  • Nets for fish farming
  • Mooring equipment
  • Navigational aids
  • Catamaran and feeding boats
  • Polyethylene boats
  • Polyethylene floating pontoons
  • Monitoring buoys
  • Processing equipment for fish and shellfish farming